Providing employees with training is more challenging than ever.

Pulling groups of employees away from their jobs, at the same time, can be difficult and expensive. Even more so with new employees coming through the door frequently. With many regulatory agencies wanting training to be documented, the "training equation" has become even more complex.
Employees can receive training on demand... any time... and at their own pace.

They can... "see"... "hear"... and "touch"... their training material.

You can now train an employee on the spot, on an individual basis. This training session is then recorded, for future reference, for regulatory agencies or for employee’s yearly training documentation.



Questco University is Now In Session!

Our partnership with BizLibrary allows us access to a full library of videos and tutorials on a wide range of topics including topics such as: Customer Service, Conflict Resolution, Collaboration, Communication, Accounting, Human Resources, Sales, Microsoft Office, Performance Management, Supervisory Skills and more.  

Who can attend Questco University?  You can. Any Questco client can register – just say the word!

When & Where can I learn?  Anytime, anyplace – at your work desk, on an I-Phone (or Android), or in the comfort of your own home using your computer or other device.  Begin learning at 3:00 in the afternoon or at the stroke of midnight.  It’s that easy! 

How can I learn?  Register with Questco University, of course!  With the flick of your wrist and the click of your mouse – you are at the website and ready to learn.  It’s that easy!

Why do I want to learn?  Well, for a number of reasons.  Your professional development, enhancing your skill set, increasing your knowledge, growing your brain matter…  


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